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Hi there! I think that education is key to foster social rights. It is about knowledge and attitudes. But let’s face it. We have a problem to solve: social rights in Europe and European identity = lack of awerness After years of working in my field, I’ve learned that great ideas come with good research. So, if we don’t know our problems, then we can’t find the right solution. If imagination doesn’t work, then we can’t see something before actually happens. Let’s change this! It is never too late to making sure that we provide know-how opportunities for all young people. We should start cultivate the imagination through a know-how initiative. I think that a good idea is to make a creative European digital project (illustrate/ animation/ video/ articles) which clarify what social rights means – including rights and responsibilities of citizens. Imagine a website that contains a lot of digital content about our social rights, how we can enjoy being European citizens and what opportunities do we have. The readers will find out in a catchy way more details about it. This is important because it will help us grow, develop and better understand the future we want to experience. The Europeans are not always aware of the rights. Through this digital project we can empower young people to know more about their social rights and use them more easily. That’s how we can ensure that they are a reality for all. Together we are more!

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