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It’s a cliché, yes, but the most important thing the Europe must do is bring people closer to each other. Democracy is based on the idea that everyone has a vote, yet it really doesn’t seem that everyone’s voice is heard. This isn’t something that can be changed easily. Most of the people live their busy lives with barely any time to think about politics or what is happening outside or town, let alone country. The little information we get is from evening news and online headlines that are mostly wrapped in sensationalism and are presented in a dramatic way, pitching people, companies and governments against each other to make the story more intriguing and interesting. I’m our minds, the world becomes a hostile place and we assume the appropriate attitude towards anything outside our trusted, comfort zone. Yet we should not thrive to be hostile. We are at the point in humanity’s development where we need to realise that hostility can’t bring us any good. People need to become aware that their well being and well being of their descendants directly depends on the well being of someone on the other side of the world. Peace is the only way forward. But how to accomplish this? With technology allowing for instant communication between us and any place in the world we really should be using it much more. While Erasmus is a great way to get university students exposed to different cultures, we can do more. We could be exposing much younger students by connecting two classes from different countries from the start of their education and have them communicate via video conference on a regular basis with an adaptive and planned programe. 1st class students could be singing each other their countries popular children’s songs with teachers translating/explaining. They could be sending each other drawings of other town’s landmarks. Older students could be teaching each other some words in their languages. They could be congratulating each other holidays, even if it isn’t a holiday in their own country. The idea is to have the same class communicate during extended period of time, as long as possible and get them to make friends from across the continent even tho in most cases they can’t understand each other. This will facilitate precious cultural exchange and make younger generations aware that other country is not some imaginary land from from movies but an actual place with people that are just like them. The classes could even visit each other once! In general we need more examples of unity and working together to achieve something that benefits all. These stories should be promoted and people and companies that are working on projects with partners across the borders need to be rewarded Sharing of ideas and philosophies and putting them together always brings extraordinary results. People need more than phrases and political participation, they need to feel united! The only way for progressiveness to win is to make us care about someone far away. In that case not everything needs to benefit us directly, when we care about someone far away we will still be satisfied if they benefited from a new policy or a change.

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