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Good comment Cristina! However we live in paradoxical time when LESS action and more conversation is necessary. Europe is currently going through the age of unprecedented economic, cultural and legal prosperity. European Union is truly moral superpower of the world, in a same time Union is maintaining keys to the World economy, and has trillions and trillions of Dollars(or euros) annual turnover. Problem is that we, as European’s dont seem to know what to do with it. Current day Europe is like a person who worked hard whole life, lost was mistreated in numerous occasion, has been victim of violence, and then, suddenly patented an invention and became celebrity billionaire overnight – without knowing what to do with wealth, pover and fame. Its time to sit down and carefully talk over where we all came from,from historic perspective, where we are going, what are objectives and what are the tools to achieve it. Inviting “professionals” to do the thinking instead of all of us would not work-using my allegory of suddenly wealthy person, hiring economists and other academics for advise is like hiring army or consultants to find ut wat t do with own wealth and power. In best case scenario they will endlessly argue with one another on your payroll , in worst case will embezzle funds. BreXit is a best example what can happen when people rely on the notion, that common sense and obvious , evident achievement will sort things out by itself, and allow celebrity demagogue to do all the talking. Nicholas Gabrichidze

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