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Populists are gaining consensus among Europe while social democratic electors are moving away from centre-left parties. One of the main reasons of this shift is that populist parties are responding to social problems and social insecurities in a way that is perceived as the only real alternative to current neoliberal predominant policies. Populists are (falsely) promising to citizens that they will be able to take back control of their lives if they will choose to live again in national, isolated and non-cooperative states. But that is not true. Europe need a different alternative, European citizens deserve a better alternative. This alternative must come from the European Socialists and Democrats because of our historical role and because those social insecurities need to be fought at the same level from which they come from (the supranational one). In order to do so, we need to boost the Social Pillar. An European Pillar of Social Rights should not mean a remedial to deterioment of jobs, nor a generous tip in the redistribution of wealth. No. An European Pillar of Social Rights should mean to create new jobs (especially for young people), to fight against inequalities in all their forms (between member states, between different workers and between genders) and to garantee to each citizen a good quality of life. Putting social rights at the core of our Union is not just a good fight: is a fight for the life of the Union itself. If citizens will feel that the EU is not defending them against the negative effects of globalisation, European nationalists will gain more and more consensus, and the European integration process will slow or even stop or regress. We can do it, together.

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