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Now I let me post an update concercining my struggle against Swedish Social Security authorities and my personal struggle for people with ADHD and Aspergers’. I have have reported the Swedish Social Security office to a Swedish Authority, “Diskrimineringsombudsmannen” that oversees discrimination. So far this authority has not made contact with me to possibly further investigate my case, I’m very disappointed in the fact that this authority has not made contact with me since the discrimination I have been subjected to is of a serious nature and is committed by a large Swedish authority, There are two possible reasons for the authorities not pursing my case further, 1.Lack of resources, the have to prioritize cases where they have a good chance to win. 2.My case doesn’t all within the area of Swedish anti discrimination laws. If the reason is either number 1 or 2 they anti discrimination auhoritiy should have fowarded this case to antother Swedish Auhtoirity that oversees that Swedish authorities follows due process called “Justitie Ombudsmannen” As usual I will probably need to make a report for myself to “Justtite Ombudsmannen” and hope that they might be able to further look into my case. I have found a lawyer that can give me some legal advice concerning my application for disability currently the case is going to a court in Växjö called “Förvaltningsrätten i Växjö”. If the court will rule in my favor or not remains to be seen. If the would not rule in my favor the legal and human rights consequences are quiet severe. It would in practice mean that people who are teachers and have Aspergers’ syndrome and not entitled to freely choose jobs and can’t rely on the welfare system if they don’t have the capacity to work full time while teachers, who have some other type of disability such as a physical one still can rely on the welfare system. A few more of my comrades in the workers movement has thankfully realized that there is something wrong with the how the system in Sweden process applications for disability concerning neuropshyciatric disorders.

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Equal rights for people with ADHD and Aspergers In this post I wish to bring up a very important subject and that is a subject belonging to the part of social europe, equal rights and fair treament! I am a Swedish high school teacher of 35years of age and a grass root, beloning to the Swedish Social Democratic Student Movement. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s as an adult. Since I chose to be open about my diagnosis to reduce some prejduices and on other occations get some support from society I have been subjected to discrimination by among others: Swedish Social Security authorites, Some Swedish schools and even Swedish Counties! The discrimination of people with neuropshyciatric conditions like Asperger’s, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, Dyslexi and so on is a true modern human rights disaster. I would say that among western demoracies Sweden are definately not among the better ones to prevent to prevent this type of discriination. Among other examples the Swedish Transportations authorites willfully supended a train driver with Asperger’s syndrome and 24years of spotless service record. The Swedish State was later sued and the train driver was awarded damages in an anti discrimination lawsuit! Since that lawsuits Sweden has banned people who asperger’s syndrome and other neuropsychiatric conditions form alltogether! That why I on the 1st of may 2017 in the Swedish City of Borås, Sweden chose to carry a sign saying “Equal conditions despite Aspergers, ADHD!”. Shortly after the march I showed my dear fellow comrades the papers. Swedish Social Security authorities deny a disability equal to a 25% reducation of full time working ability. They mock me for having asperger’s and state that I should a find a job within my areas of interests, having little or no contact of people, where all days are predictable and free of stress! By this post I hope to inspire other young social democrats around in Europe to fight for rights of people with asperger’s and ADHD. I also hope to inspire other other grassroot politicians who have neuropsychatric conditions to be open about it and contiung to work on improving conditions for people with these conditions! Kind Regards Rikard Grossman-Nielsen

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