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Α progressive proposal for the EU budget is something that EU citizens have been waiting for long, especially those who are on the sidelines and do not feel that the Social Democracy can provide solutions to their everyday problems. A proposal, which differs from the existing logic of savings and cost cutting, should focus on three main axes. First, EU should invest in areas where the union has a competitive advantage in the international chessboard. That is to increase funding and investments in R&D, the digital and creative economy. The value that is produced in these sectors will have a long-term horizon and will create more jobs than trying to increase productivity in saturated sectors. Such investments could be funded by a single system of a tax in the Financial Capital; as long as it will not stop the development of the open economy. Secondly, the budget should focus and produce new tools that will ensure social cohesion. The Junker package is a step to funding major projects to develop a single union. We are much more in need of projects to fund programs with a focus on social cohesion and local communities. These should be provided through funding tools that ensure that North and South have equal growth. This is, moreover, a debate that is missing from today’s agenda. Lastly, but equally important, the union should define what a cyclical economy means and set specific goals for the sustainable development of each member (e.g. sale of renewable sources energy from South to North. These investments can be funded either direct from the European budget or the European Investment Bank and stems from the recycling of trade surpluses within the Union)

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