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TOGETHER Draft Declaration on the Future of Europe


The European Union and Africa have an important and unique partnership, which is at a crossroads. The EU remains the main partner of Africa, but it is no longer the only one. So does Africa still need Europe? We continue to believe the deep, comprehensive and holistic relationship is a vital long-term foundation for political dialogue and progress in both continents.
Investing in young people. The demographic boom in Africa will be an opportunity for the continent rather than a challenge, if we support investment in education. The challenges of the future will only be met if we equip the next generations with the necessary tools, on which an “EU-Africa Erasmus program” can be of great impact, encouraging exchanges between European and African young students, researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs.
Sustainable investments. The S&D Group strongly supports the EU External Investment Plan for Africa (and European neighbourhood) with the aim of improving economic and social development and achieving the SDGs on the African continent. But rather than underpin multinationals which are already champions of tax evasion, or the ones which prey on mineral and natural resources, the EIP must provide support to SMEs, microfinance and job creation programs, especially for young people and women.
Coherent Partnerships for development to address the root causes of irregular migration. Irregular migration is a global phenomenon requiring a coordinated international response and the EU must take a human-rights-based lead in shaping it. We support a strong partnership between Europe and Africa and the efforts in the United Nations to tackle the root causes of migration in terms of improving the economic and social situation, strengthening democracy and the rule of law, and providing education and employment opportunities in countries of transit and origin. We remain strongly committed to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, also by improving development cooperation, conflict resolution, and stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth to ensure that people have a real chance of a better life in their homeland. But we also need to ensure we implement Policy Coherence for Development across our agricultural, trade and investment policies, from the Common Agricultural Policy to binding due diligence requirements for EU companies. The security-development nexus remains important for addressing conflict, but poverty-alleviation must remain the primary goal of development assistance. We will never accept aid conditionality linked to migration policy.
Strengthen democracy and human rights. Human rights remain central to our partnership with Africa. We urge the EEAS and Commission to use all available tools to maintain serious human rights dialogues. We will seek innovative mechanisms to give support and visibility to those risking their lives in Africa for the defence of human rights, democracy, social justice, equality and non-discrimination. We reiterate our belief that independent NGOs, media and cultural space are a pre-requisite of a functioning democracy and rule of law.
Gender equality. Without the emancipation of women there is no viability for sustainable development, nor full democracy, nor good governance. Gender equality must be mainstreamed in all EU policies, initiatives and investments towards Africa.
“Does Africa need Europe?” is one of the priorities part of the “Building the Progressive Future Together” statement, that will be debated during our event in Brussels on October 18-19. We’re counting on your input, so each of you can play a part in shaping our common future. It’s easy – just sign in, click on the link and add your thoughts. We will select the best comment for each workshop and fly the person who sent it to Brussels, as our Together Ambassador, to debate live with our MEPs, European Commissioners, academics and intellectuals. Deadline: October 9.


Dear Socialists & Democrats Group representatives, I know you have good intentions at heart and at the very core of your fundamentally socially righteous beliefs although I do not believe building a very expensive secured board paid in excruciatingly slow rates by the EU member’s countries administration committees is truly the best business endeavour for making the European Union even socio-economically great again, and amidst ever growing Euroskepticism in the world we need to show another image of Europe with actual equal opportunities and economic situation for all in the Euro zone and to solve the migration chain problems with enabling terrorists to come in our countries and attack us as we need more feasible and highly efficient migration screening system backed on both sociologists and psychologists main expertise, while succeeding to adopt and to promote a holistic approach to migration which covers all of the interlinked necessary elements of a European integration Project, from the ethical facts of solidarity and sharing responsibility fairly between countries, to the more pragmatical security needs of tackling criminal traffickers and smugglers, and also to enhance the role of Frontex and EASO (the European Asylum Support Office) and I strongly suggest that the appointed and highly certified team of the S&D group should hire an interdisciplinary group of forensic psychologists, sociologists and even immigration border specialists to work together for creating, testing, statistically & scientifically validating and implementing a highly efficient and great quite accurate screening test or inventory designed to improve the standard selection process regarding the natural flow of immigrants, especially exposing the possible sociopaths and psychopaths, or simply said the terrorists, many of them which are quite statistically representative in terms of numbers showcasing their horrors under the siege of Radical Islamism, a fanatical and distorted version of healthy fundamentalist Islamism because even in Turkey known for its monopol of muslim religion for example, these terroristic organization killed and slaughtered thousands of muslims while obliging them to recite from their holy book Quran by heart with the guns pointed to their chest and many other horrible, sadistic and quite inhumane things indeed just because there isn’t a great psychological screening system regarding the immigration process or some possibly obscure and organized group being run by some probably highly corrupted organized group of oligarchs which also ruined those top G7 countries of the world both socioculturally and economically from 2008 until now, possibly a new order quite influential hidden group who is still financing and helping them with ammunition, strategy plans and military equipment as well to create this world wide hysteria and to provoke this circus and bread type of mass media frenzy sociopolitical phenomenon, yet this is just a plausible hypothesis still unproven empirically speaking although logically sound! We need the best and most accurate highly efficient Psychological Screening System actively involved in the ongoing quite problematic migration process !!! Furthermore we also imperiously need to develop safe lawful access routes into the EU for asylum seekers and refugees, to invest more careful and strategical thinking in writing the business plans for further international funds and to spend well the bugdet ensured for migration and to bring a consistent approach to our migration, visa, international development and foreign affairs policies towards non-EU countries while making sure to bring a consistent approach to our migration, visa, international development and foreign affairs policies towards non-EU countries !!! Migrants are not a random sample from a home country’s population as many of them are representatives for the elite of that country regarding the social phenomenon of “brain drain” or the human capital flight as today we get highly educated and skilled professionals from both EU and non-EU countries as migration is truly a choice! Moreover the current policy needs to take into account both temporary and permanent migration as quotas increase a migrant cohort’s skill upon arrival and cohort’s decrease a migrant cohort’s skill measured years later and this causes temporary migration to decrease and permanent migration to increase therefore revealing the natural socio-professional mechanism to increase cohort’s skills upon arrival and also observing the constant decrease cohort’s skilled when measured years later thus needing a more effective immigration selection screening system proactively strengthened by sociocultural protection and acclimatization! Last but not least we should strive together to organize the world wide and most internationally acclaimed Progressive European Union Solidarity Award with the Progressive non-EU Organization Solidarity Award category to help many world wide civil societies play an incredibly important role regarding the EU cohesion role, to boost both EU and non-Eu governments social involvement and to quickly and effectively solve the refugee crisis on a global scale! 🙂

4 days, 22 hours ago in Civil Society

I have lived for 18 years in Romania, and 9 years in Denmark, and i had the chance to sample how the civil society worked in both member states of the European Union. First, i will start with the experience in Denmark (which i confirmed to be similar in other North European member states). Here the civil society is quintessential to the success of Denmark, and almost every citizen participates in it, in one form or another. There are different forms of participation, some people are members of different clubs (sports or not) and associations where they enjoy a certain service, while others are volunteers in the same clubs and associations and use their free time to provide service to other citizens. As i am in the leadership of a youth organization, we have experienced that the world is the limit, in terms of support and funding. You can receive funding from your local municipality, from your region, from the government and from the parliament. Easy access to funding, allows youth organizations to grow and attract citizens to join and volunteer. However, not the same can be said about the situation in Romania. I am also in the leadership of a youth organization in there, and it is very difficult to access funding, especially when none is offered from local, regional and national level. Therefore, i suggest a European directive to be implemented in which each member state implements legislation on the development of civil society, and ensures the presence of local, regional and national funds for it. Reliance on European funds cannot always be the case as high-level of expertise is necessary to access such funds. A part of the tax money that people pay needs to return back in form of support for the civil society, everywhere on the territory of the European Union.

2 days, 22 hours ago in Civil Society
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