To achieve high quality of life and ensure upward social convergence, we must:

Take decisive action to reduce alcohol related harm across the European Union Reason for amendment: Harms related to high levels of alcohol use are a heavy burden on public health, social welfare and economic productivity in the European Union. Europe is the heaviest alcohol consuming region in the world. High levels of alcohol consumtion inhibits upwards social convergence between European regions and EU member states and has significant negative effects on the quality of life in the EU. For example: • Between 5 and 9 million children in the EU live in families where alcohol is abused. • Alcohol is the third biggest cause of preventable death and disease in Europe, and is a risk factor for over 60 chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and liver disease. It is also linked to obesity. Alcohol is the leading risk factor for ill-health and premature death for those aged 25 to 59, the core of Europe’s working age population. • The financial costs of alcohol-related harm are colossal – up to €155.8 billion a year, according to figures used by the European Commission • 60% of EU citizens surveyed in the RARHA SEAS study reported being harmed due to others’ drinking in the past 12 months. 20% reported serious harm such as being harmed physically, getting in a serious argument, being driven by a drunken driver or being involved in a traffic accident related to drunk driving. • There are large differences between EU member states when it comes to alcohol related harm. For example, reported serious harm was over 40% in Lithuania and around 10% in Sweden, Austria and Hungary. Example of concrete actions that can be taken: • Renewed EU alcohol strategy • Higher EU minimum excise duties on alcoholic beverages • Ban on alcohol commercials during hours of peak television viewing by minors • Stronger action on drink driving throughout the EU • Lower the levels of alcohol that can be transported between member states by private individuals without paying excise duty in the country of entry • Ensure that alcoholic beverages are not exempted from nutritional or content labelling
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We can progress with change, and only if we change our minds we can make a Social Europe. However, we can do that only if we are able to answer the how question. The Gothenburg Statement on Social Europe has answered to the what and the why questions, but we still need to answer to the most important one: How? How do we do a Social Europe? So far as a group we have not been able to speak and listen to ordinary people. The plan is great! But the structure is not easy to be understood in the whole EU. As Max Weber said: “Politics is made with the head, not with other parts of the body or soul”… but on the Brussels leg of Europe Together, on 19 October, the Mayor of Charleroi, Mr Paul Magnette said: “We [socialists and democrats] lost the elections but we have a soul.” Soul is not enough as Weber teaches us. We need a strong and smart head. We need to be able to talk to those in difficulties, to those that are not able to understand the complexities of the European Institutions and its policy making procedures. Therefore, we should question ourselves: Are we able to give voice to the voiceless? Those of us that participate in these events are lucky enough to have opportunities, but are we able to speak to unemployed people that struggle everyday for a piece of bread and to feed their children? Are we able to guarantee that the future of Europe is with a stronger European Union? If we show the way forward, if we explain how to achieve a Social Europe, then we will able to face the far-right populism, unfortunately in the rise in the whole EU. We need to go in the field, we need to be with the people, we need to ask them about their daily struggles and problems. We need to address the challenges of ordinary European citizens. This is the way forward for a Social Europe!

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