Africa can be threat or an oportunity for Europe

Europe must help strenghten the north-african nations along the Mediteranean shoreline in order to provide a buffer zone in case Nigeria implodes (a country of 187m people) . In case this happens the millions of migrants seeking shelter in Europe will be staggering. Europe must involve itself militarily or by providing intelligence in order to help Nigeria defeat Boko haram, and also to end tge religious conflicts within this country. The ticking time bomb which is Africa and especially Nigeria is of existential threat to Europe.
1 year, 3 months ago in Africa
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The arab spring made north-african nations unstable, plagued by corruption and poverty . Nigeria is on the brink of implosion due to religious intolerance and extremism and also due to terrorist organizations as boko haram . Other countries like Sudan have long internal civil wars plaguing and ravaging them from inside.

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