Africa can be threat or an oportunity for Europe

Europe must help strenghten the north-african nations along the Mediteranean shoreline in order to provide a buffer zone in case Nigeria implodes (a country of 187m people) . In case this happens the millions of migrants seeking shelter in Europe will be staggering. Europe must involve itself militarily or by providing intelligence in order to help Nigeria defeat Boko haram, and also to end tge religious conflicts within this country. The ticking time bomb which is Africa and especially Nigeria is of existential threat to Europe.
10 months, 1 week ago in Africa
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The arab spring made north-african nations unstable, plagued by corruption and poverty . Nigeria is on the brink of implosion due to religious intolerance and extremism and also due to terrorist organizations as boko haram . Other countries like Sudan have long internal civil wars plaguing and ravaging them from inside.

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Dear Friends, institutional and economic weaknesses, as well as insecurity and social tensions in some African countries are the cause for migration, famine and war. As socialists it is our duty to show international solidarity and help the suffering and prevent humanitarian tragedies. Fairly enough, we have already development aid and economic cooperation with poor African countries mainly on the level of the nation-state. but all the individual approaches can never achieve the same results as a joint one, such that there is the possibility for more efficient and effective work. We need to coordinate the individual action of the nation-states on a European level to use the individual expertise and experience. In a joint course of action every donor can specialise on one domain of aid and in cooperating, exchange and coordinating a holistic, integrated and sustainable approch to development can be ensured. The idea is that the individual donors totally give up their individual approaches and admit to the EU, which creates an agency that is capable and has the mandate to offer a forum and to canalise the efforts of all individual EU members. AS a matter of course we have to wipe away individual political and economic interest, to serve only the local people effectively and most sustainably. We need to be in permanent exchange with non-European donors, international organisations, international and local NGO, officials of the concerned national, regional and local governments and most importantly with the people themselves. The aid and economic cooperation needs to be economically and environmentally sustainable and, again, integrated in a national and regional hollistic approach with all other donors. There is much more to say about concepts of development and how to coordinate the individual members, but I hope one could ontinue the dabate in the comments or at the conference. Greetings from Bonn, Thabo

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