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The only way we can all prosper in an ever-changing word is that we work together. As our common goal is ultimately our common good, we need to make sure that all continents and all people have access to the basics that they need in order to lead a fulfilled life. We need to stop regarding Africa as a communion of countries that need our help. We need to look at the continent as a partner, as a future world leader in many respects, as a cradle of youth and development. And this is why we need to stand with Africa and with the African people in their endeavour to make the continent more visible and more engaged at a global level. The S&Ds in the European Parliament are leading this fight for a fair chance for Africa, for a better future for its youth. This September, in Brussels, we will be hosting our second edition of the Africa week. Join us and follow our discussions, as we will post more updates throughout the summer break!
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Africa and its role as a global player will be under discussion in the following days at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. It’s high time all policy makers realised the continent’s true potential and did their best to support it.

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I wonder if the European Union could work more closely with the African Union. After all, it is their regional counterpart and both unions share values, visions and objectives.

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Hi, Dominic! And thank you for your message. Indeed, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have been working for several years so that a true partnership with Africa could be achieved. You are welcome to check out more details on their work and initiatives here – And if you would be interested in getting in contact with the Group, just drop us a message in the contact form.

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