Animal Rights

More strong laws to protect animals rights in all Europe.
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We, as a socialists, must work in the goverments and institutions for making and providing strong laws against the animal torture, abandoning or hunting for zoo, circus or just for play.

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Hi , Greeting , I am jamel from Iraq . I am working now in human right as (Manager in Local civil Organization in my country ) and I am participated in 2014 fellowship training for (5 weeks) in Geneva about Human right and Minorities right by high commissioner for human right of united nation and I got fellowship certificate in end this course . In addition , I am participated in training courses abroad country in Jordan, Bahrain , United Kingdom and Geneva ,Switzerland . Important solutions to preventing illegal immigration include: 1- Raise awareness and awareness about the risks and effects of illegal immigration 2- Making legislation and laws that improve the living conditions of migrants in their countries of origin. 3- Strengthen the security control on the border with Europe, especially the Arab countries because most of the migrants from the Arab world . Best Regards Jamel

Hi David and Jamel. The issues you both present are important. The so called migrant and refugee crisis that has been unfolding must definitely be a priority for EU policy at the moment. Sometimes, I have the feeling that EU institutions are too soft towards right-wing extremism and European governments that are leaning too much to the right. And populism is quite effectively preventing a strong response from the EU as a whole to help refugees arriving to Europe. As Jamel recommends, more must be done in the countries of origin of migrants and refugees. But in the case of the latter, I don’t think that it would make a difference on the short or even medium terms. It remains to be made clear by the European media that refugees are not a sub-group of “migrants” but a whole different group of people that urgently need, and are entitled to, international protection. There is a strong legal basis for helping refugees and the whole issue shouldn’t be allowed to become so politicized by demagogues and populists. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the plight of animals. I am quite convinced that animals have fundamental rights, such as the right to life and the right not be tortured. Tom Regan’s philosophy on this subject is particularly interesting, and I recommend it. Maybe it is time for the EU to start preparing a Animals Fundamental Rights Charter, that would, similarly to the one that already exists for humans, set a cornerstone for policies and practices regarding animals when it comes to EU legislation and other initiatives. Also, the EU could dedicate a humble amount of diplomatic work with countries around the world that maintain institutionalized cruelty to animals (think about South Korea, China, or other parts of the world). Kind regards

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Hi friends, animal rights are an important topic and are currently economically undermined by the traditional European measures of subsidies for the agricultural subsidies. To attain better farming conditions for the soil, farmers and animal and to work for global justice, we could do the following: – Stop subsidies for food/ agricutural industry or conventional agriculture – Liberalise the European agricultural market for international competition – Subsidies and further support (consultance) for transition to ecological farming – Labelling of foreign and European products – More ecological labelling (to meet diverse consumer needs) with a reliable monitoring agency Liberalisation would give farmers in poorer countries a way to trade and compete on European markets especially with a stop of subsidies for conventional farming. The lack of state support for conventinal farming combined with competition pressure from outside of Europe with subsidies and support from the EU would yield a lot of incentives to change from conventional farming to ecological. The labelling would give the consumer the decision to support ecological, local, European products or to go for a hypothetical cheaper foreign alternative. I would be very happy for feedbac on such a market approach. Greetings from Bonn,

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