Building a safe Europe

Acting as a proud and united global actor. This includes strengthening the EU military, cooperation on cyber security and terrorism prevention, and closer region-to-region partnerships with the African Union. Also, the EU must revise the modes of integration with third countries, in order to increase partnerships with mutual benefits and reduce the insider-outsider duopoly.
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In an era of several diplomatic cases of abuse where authoritarianism is thriving in neighbouring states, the safety and unity of the European community heavily depend on its capacity to collectively defend its borders.

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Dear Friends, right now we have around 27 member states in our European Union and probably even more different softwares for administration in all the different national and supranational institutions, with a lot of effort in working together most efficiently with sending documents, verifying, signing, giving it trhough the different hierarchies and everything very intransparent. The idea is to create one hollistic administration software to digitalise the whole administrative software, making it absolutely transparent be it for succesors, supervisors, researchers or the public, being absolutely secure to stop fraud and corruption. The magic word is blockchain, which is made possible through the assumed many different big servers in European capitals. The bockchain technology is said to be not to hack and through the whole digitalisation there is no possibility to commit corruption or fraud through e.g. manipulatng a stamp. The clerks will no longer need to match two documents by eye or to print and sign and scan and upload, everything can be done by one click, which is compatible in the whole of Europe. A unified system would not only generate a more efficient and secure administration, but also a path dependency which makes the advantages of the EU already evident on a pure practical level and makes the lived Europe more visible. The details of blockchain are a little technical, but as this was introduced to me for the purpose of making the administration of an African country more transparent and efficient I developed thousand ideas of how else to use it. This technology is truly reforming when not even revolutionary and yields endless possiblities. It would be great if we could together think further and elaborate more possibilities, especially if there is an expert on IT, administration and blockchain. Greetings from Bonn, Thabo

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