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We know that to every rules of law have many interpretation, application and level of understanding, especially the work of law at a every country’s level. So that, the member of European Union’s legislation must “put order” in few aspects which have been regard as a citizenship of social U.E, development people which live in a prosper society. I mean that and bring in your attention same of few aspects which must be changed: – hiring people through a temporary work agent (this allow to make many abuses-few of them implies keep the worker long period of time in this discrimination regime, fired of worker “as the law so provides that”, etc ) ; – increase the level of payment for every worker at a level demands of today’s life; – increase the power of work through laws which to attract foreign investor; I’m my thoughts, this are some things which will improve our life as a citizenship, will put the economy in motion and will increase social security. Thank you!
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Its need to take same decision at a level of work statement. When I mean that I just refer at a particular aspects which involve confusion, many abuses and interpretations from many of political leaders, society. On the one hand, the main goals is to have a legislation which is need to be clear, because of that, the citizenship will be more informed about that, they will know how to react when the low will be convicted from samebady wich have a power. On the other hand, must to give "same direction" regarding to unify the law from work level in that way to must be part of our country law. Its very useful to understand to work law its very different from country to country's European Union, so that, its time to statement rules in porpouse to guide the power law from every country from U.E. land. In my point of view, as a citizen of a U.E, it is more important to achieve a work place without to be scared to "next day will be faierd" as long as time work hard, more than that for me as a social person it is good to not convicted the rights wich have as a worker's human. Therefore, the main rules of this areas law is need to be punctual and more powerful, so that building a strong society from social point, but not only.

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