Cities leading Europe’s sustainable development

The Antwerp Statement is a very important step forward in recognising the essential role of cities in paving the way for a sustainable future in Europe. Despite the statement accurately includes ports as vectors for such model of development, I find that the full potential for cities to play a key role in developing nature-based solutions to climate change is unexploited. I would add a paragraph on the importance of cities in developing adaptation plans to cope with climate change impacts and be at the forefront of the new Europe that protects. Climate risk affects people in Europe unevenly, both in geographic and economic terms. Central, Eastern and Southern European Member States are more vulnerable to climate-related disasters. On the other hand, those sectors of society with less resources available (such as low-income households, young farmers or SMEs) are also more vulnerable to potential economic losses. As climate-related disasters become more frequent and more severe, insurance to protect assets and properties become less affordable for these sectors. Using urban planning and transformation to develop nature-based solutions to climate impacts is a key element of this attempt to protect those vulnerable groups and minimise geographic and socioeconomic inequalities. Cities would therefore need better, simpler and more transparent access to EU funds in order to develop capacity to draft adaptation and resilience plans, complemented with capital-raising plans to fund those reforms needed. Such plans would inform EU Member States at the time of developing national plans and build a bottom-up, resilient Europe that protects its citizens.
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Local authorities can lead a bottom-up process towards a Europe that protects its most vulnerable citizens and sectors.

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Cities are, right now, part of the problem in adressing climate change. Cities consume 2/3 of the world’s energy and are responsible for 70% of global CO2 emissions. In order to build a sustainable future, cities need to become part of the solution. There is so much that needs to be done, we need to increase the use of renewable energy(wind, solar etc), upgrade the energy efficiency in buildings, transit to electric vehicles with lithium-air batteries, support community farms(intensive farming has a negative impact in global warming). Cities need to do this but they can’t do it alone; these changes are necessary but expensive. And this is where the European Union is important. The EU has the dimension, funds and power to push for this transition by creating a Green New Deal. A Green New Deal would build a sustainable and more green future in Europe but also solve the problems of chronical unemployment. With all the problems that unfair trade policies create to Blue-Collar Working class; green collar jobs are the alternative ! They can’t be shipped overseas and many of them can’t be replaced by technology in the near future. We will need green building architects, solar energy engineers, eletricians who install solar panels, worker’s that insulate older buildings and many other jobs of low, medium and high skill that need to be here in Europe! I’m optimistic about these changes, after all, cities are the magnet for innovation, entrepeneurship and development and the combination in a partnership with businesses and the European Union we will build a more susteinable future.

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