Create a Social Europe in a Center-Right Europe?

The Progressives wish to create a Social Europe and will fight for it… But I am wondering how we will do it, the project is good in theory but its implementation is on the fence, we just need to look at the political orientation of the governments in Europe. The entire Europe is moving to the right wing, from the West to the East, the South slightly resisting. When I look at the French elections’ results, I still feel more sceptical. Admittedly, if Macron wins, it’s not the worst choice for Europe but it’s definitely not the best for a Social Europe. It is more than necessary for the Socialists to go back to their roots, to go on the streets, to go to the social outcast, to the workers… because today, we can definitely see that their votes go to people like Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, … I also think that it is important to reshape the “socialism” and to give its values back. Too many people became affiliated for self-interests or to gain power. Indeed, I don’t see socialism in the French government, I don’t see socialism in some S&D MEPs discourses…or votes, and I don’t see socialism in my hometown when I look at the Publifin scandal (Liège, Wallonia, Belgium).
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The Social Europe seems so far away...

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