EU should bet on social rights to connect emotionally with citizens

After the crisis, many Europeans have associated the idea of austerity with Europe, and therefore they have blamed the EU of the consequences of this policy. As a result, the EU can’t rely as they did before only in the economic benefits for member States. To demonstrate its strength, I consider that Europe must be the world leader in human rights, democracy, and even more important, social rights. We do not only guarantee our citizens a minimum, we take care of people who are in the worst conditions, we believe that social justice matters and that it is in our hands the power to make positive action for equality. Unemployed people, margined etnias, women, LGTBI+ citizens… Is there any place in the world better for them than Europe? I don’t think so. By giving a chance to this segments of society, we make ourselves unique, widening our work force and gaining a moral wealth that helps to build a better society for all
9 months, 2 weeks ago in Social Europe
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