The EU needs a common migration policy

The S&D Group is committed to a positive approach on the issues of legal migration and integration. We strongly believe that the EU cannot remain silent and watch as tragedies unfold on the high seas in the Mediterranean but must ensure co-operation and solidarity define our policy people in distress receive the protection they need. We have been reiterating our call for the EU to adopt a holistic approach to migration which covers all of the interlinked elements — from solidarity and sharing responsibility fairly between countries, to tackling criminal traffickers and smugglers, and the role of Frontex and EASO (the European Asylum Support Office). We want to see the EU: • develop safe lawful access routes into the EU for asylum seekers and refugees • ensure the Common European Asylum System is fully and properly implemented • strengthen and enhance the Common Resettlement policy • bring a consistent approach to our migration, visa, international development and foreign affairs policies towards non-EU countries • ensure that money spent on migration is money well spent.
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