Europe shall prevail in the darkest of times

Let us not be intimidated, let us not be bullied in thinking that being proud to be European is wrong. I shall not be shamed in thinking that cooperation dialogue and freedom amongst our colleague members states is obsolete, now more than ever we need to stand hand in hand.
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I remember driving to work the morning after the Brexit vote and it felt as if some horrible atrocity had been committed during the night. The radio presenters spoke in hushed voices, sentences were started with ‘on this morning of disbelief’ and you felt that to be moving or talking was unnatural, that it was somehow wrong to continue amongst the fragments of the world you had known 24 hours earlier. At work everyone was grouped around the television, watching as political bombshell followed political bombshell; out of Europe, no confidence vote on Labour leadership, Spain moves politically on Gibraltar, Cameron resigns, Farage steps away from politics. Endless graphs of blue and yellow, crowds of people at Johnson’s, Corbyn’s and Gove’s door. The emotions in front of that TV swung from despair to anger and back again. Together the group felt the injustice and the cheapness of Farage describing the vote as the greatest victory since WWII. Then we comforted each other when the discussion turned to a future outside of Europe, to the reality of our world closing in tightly and insufferably through the reckless behaviour of politicians. No one moved throughout the morning, the television was only turned off when the commentators made their closing tired remarks down the camera on the event that was set to change the fortunes of the country forever. Brexit was a vicious wake up call. It demonstrated to me the political character of my country, which before I had not fully understood, and it solidified what I believed was right and wrong in politics. If nothing else Brexit showed us the challenge and created a lot of people ready to take it on.

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