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I wish that in Europe one day will be easer to go to study abroad (Europe) for university and I wish that life for students will be cheaper
1 year, 2 months ago in Social Europe
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One important right for me is free access to university and college education. I’m very concerned about the fact that many conuntries are starting to charge tuition fees. I come from the lower middle class and the tuition free college system of Sweden, combined with the intellectual curiosity and drive my ADHD and Asperger’s has given me, I have gotten a better future and very expanded mind through this education system. When tuition systems are in place it will be even more difficult for students like me and other social democrats who come from lower middle class home to go to college in other countries, unless they have financial support from their parents. To cite the great world famous prime minister Olof Palme. “A broad basic education with general usability gives greater security for the individual and a higher productivity in the labour market.” from the book “Politics is will for change, printed in 1968. Regards Richard iWise thoughts. Regards Richard

1 year, 1 month ago in Social Europe

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