Improving citizen’s life and also the future of European Union

Currently, the acute shortage of jobs affects the economic and social situation in the entire European Community. Labor shortages are increasing , especially among young people, who are most affected by this situation. The graduate rate is disproportionate in terms of the number of jobs and qualifications required on the labor market. the problem is to balance the scale among young people who are looking for a job , but not only. Including the consequences arising from this situation are aimed at: salary level, paid hours, quantity/quality rapport, in countries like Romania, for example, is disproportionate to the other European Union countries. Other issues requiring attention are: improving the living standard among the population , the discrepancy between the workforce and pensions that must be paid out of “our money”, lack of effective and concrete control of public money in some countries where the level of corruption is growing and affects ourselves directly, the ordinary citizens. There are many young people with fewer opportunities who are forced to leave their own country, leave their families and their children to find a better living beyond the borders of their country. More than that, in terms of their work arms , they have already began to be replaced by robots. Automation will put a monopoly on manufacturing work. From here, the labor force will be serious raised, which be compulsorily complimented by ultra-performing machines and technology. They will do what man did not do practically, arms are replaced by state-of- the art technology, will overcome production activity both in terms of quantity and quality. The European Community and the Member states will slowly have to adopt measures and countermeasures to: lack workforce, improving the quality of life in all its aspects, developing cohesion measures that do not seriously affect t5he standard of living of citizens and by which the economy is rectified.
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At this point the entire European Community needs to be realistic, to see objectively, what works and does not work, what is the direction in which we are going , what the future of our Union and which of the adopted measures converge towards a good directions. States also need to cooperate and reflect on the best measures to improve the future of citizens and implicitly , the European Union.

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Every day, we face situations that can worsen the quality of every day life of citizens, especially those in Eastern Europe. The political and economic situation in countries such as Romania and Bulgaria is largely due to bad governance, tax and economic measures that are not in line with what should be implemented to make these countries “stand up”. Every day in Romania, the prices increase, the taxes and prices are rising, the rents are very high, so founding of a family and a home have become a luxury, that many of the citizens of this country do not afford. On the other hand, working in slavery in Romania, wages are very low, according to the demands of every day life. For many of the Romanian people, spending a holiday is a luxury they can not afford. So low is the standard of living that many of the citizens of this country just live for the next day. Currently, the Romanian works to pay its rates and “keep it up until next month”. These were and are the political programs in our country that have succeeded in destroying the country and degrading the citizens’ living conditions. The purchasing power is very low, the salary level, too. Therefore, there is a clear disproportion between the asking price and the purchasing power, demand and supply are inversely proportional, and hence a whole causal chain that destroys the economy. The interest rate in Romania is growing sharply quarterly. Many Romanian people emigrate, as they see themselves overcome by the economic and social difficulties they face in their country, others have two jobs to cope with their debt payments. Personally, I think it would be appropriate to make a change at the level of the European Union with regard to fiscal measures. It is necessary to improve the economy and this can only be done through measures and programs imposed by the European Union itself, which will lead to a concrete and coherent improvement result. I believe that it should be enforced at the level of all countries that are part of the European Union, that the salary level is the same, regardless of their geographical position. Moreover, it would be appropriate to unify the legislation on sustainable economic and fiscal measures that will lead to economic and social progress.

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