Keep the problem’s migration and refugees under control

Today, in addition to the major problems faced by the European Union (acute lack of housing, the growth of unemployment among young people, poverty, conflicts and political, economics, military, etc.) it’s necessary to solve another problem – refugees and migration. The date of these problems are not looking for viable solutions concrete, coherent and fair, the Europeans will not be able to face the waves of migration for a long time. But how can The European Union solve this problem? How does the E.U. manage all the negative aspects that are generated by migration? What is the role of Member States, in this puzzle, which, every day becomes increasingly more difficult? The European Union, besides these realities faced by change and we all, must deal with another issue at all negligible: the history of the US economic crisis demonstrated that the price in the end is war. Often they exist and there are legitimate fears at about an imminent war, given the conflicts that we witness now here in the world. I believe, as the first, European Union together with the need to changed their energies and resources towards the maintenance of peace and good conviviality. this is the most important aspect of the European Union and it its States must take into account all the time, otherwise it is very difficult to manage such as migration and refugees. If the world we live in states are threatened by wars, conflicts, ground social, economic, political and military, inequalities, Member States must find a solution to the problems of middle for refugee and migration. Children and mothers who passed trough wars and terror, don’t have any fault to live in such a world. The European Union , not only, the world’s governments, all you have fight against these abuses, or other attitude which hinders rights and liberties. All these entities involved in combating these disasters must act and react firmly in the fight against wars. Our response to all these acts must be peace, dialogue and cooperation. Without these a European Units does not exist, a better world either… I believe that the time has come for all states of the world to be open to dialogue and especially to the implementation of a strategy to reduce the tensions that put pressure worldwide , affecting all of us, including the old continent. Migration is a phenomenon that you cannot solve like a maths problem. It is a real problem which is precisely why more and more concerns appear. All forums and institutional liability making of the E.U. and of the world in general, we must treat this matter and in terms of tolerance and unity in diversity, with good deals. It’s not easy, that is why a look in the past is more than opportune in order not to repeat the mistakes that have been committed, in order not to harm the citizens of the states themselves, and not to endanger our social tranquillity. All you need to keep in mind, including the subjects affected by wars, poverty, disasters and calamities, that the law must be respected anywhere you go. Order and security are priority areas for us states. The fact is that we must be open and cooperative, but cautious and careful. Our aim must be peace, above all, but, also take attitude when the situation so requires.
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I think we all agree on one – that everybody who comes to Europe should find a safe harbour in here. However we should not end on that. The migration crisis stopped but it might happen again. We need to help the developin countries to finally “spread the wings”, create their own strong economies – it is not a dream, this all might happen with just a little help from us – the EU. The European Comission came with an idea called the “Juncker plan” – that’s great but it is not enough. In my opinion the european community should finally look deeper into the matter of corporate exploatation of developing countries (as the tittle says). The thing is that big brands/comanies like Apple, H&M are getting benefits from people in Africa, Asia, South Africa. In 2012 the 150 workers of Foxconn – the huge electronics company whcich products electronics for Apple, Intel etc. – thretaned to commit the massive suicide if the wroking conditions do not improve. In 2012 one worker commited suicide and in 2013 the three workes jumped out of the window. After that every window in a factory was secured by the net wchich would prevent the further suicides. That’s why the EU should make it clear that all products which are going to be sell on our teritorry come from reliable source where the working conditions are fulfilling at least minimal standards. There should be a special labour agency wchich would monitor the factories outside the EU by unexpected visitations a few times per year. The agency should also check if the employees get the fair salary for their work. I know that it sounds complicated but it would be a huge, amazing step in our fight for social justice in Europe. This would also make the competition between companies fair because small, righteous, entrepreneurs would have the same chances as big companies who are using those who are desperate.

Many insist that countries each need to take their own share of responsibility that Burden Sharing is a must. Even so, time and again we have seen countries fall short in this! Countires, which may be considered to have been vastly influential into the very cause of this migration crisis. A crisis which keeps on seeing lives being lost at sea and some in between borders. It is thus because of this that the Union, along with other partner countries need to come together now more than ever before; to meet and find a solution. A solution that goes away from a “money talks” mentality and into one that really seeks to be proactive in listening to the effected youth, the vulnerable people and those who unfortunately risk their lives to find a better future. We need to prove that as a Union we are better than the U.S and its current position. We must prove that the fundamental values upon which the Union was built still stand true today, values we still try to uphold at the best of our ability. The EU is the strongest advocate in this, we have partnerships and action plans ready to help sustain various Countries of Origin from which migrants come from and accordingly we must in good conscience keep on aiming to improve our strategies for a more cooperative Partnership Framework. We are seeing progress on part of the European Union, however more is yet to be desired. In the words of HRVP Mogherini “our common work under the Partnership Framework has brought tangible progress. We will keep on working to increase cooperation with our African partners, to ensure that lives are saved, migrants are treated in dignity and to eradicate together the business model of those who exploit human despair”. In working together we can have more progress and a tangible solution!

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