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I started moving to work across Eu late (only one year ago) and I found what none in Italy said: people move across the world to meet each other, to work, to grow. And now, If before I was thinking that close the frontiers is a mistake, now I’m thinking that is one of the most horrible thing anyone can do. It’s a way to prevent anyone from growing up and knowing. It’s an absurd way to kill a dream. What I would do, if I can? I would put an year outside the homeland in the program of any students. Not simply an Erasmus possibility, but a fundamental part of the studies program. And I would focus on Eu the story lessons of the last 2 years of high schools.
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Lisbon has been the stage of unprecedented outcome of an election. A huge consensus from the left wing leaded by the PS – Socialist Party in Portugal – led to a parliamentary agreement that changed the shift of right wing policy and austerity measures that were wrecking the public response and the public services. The economy fought back with this lef wing coalition and its growing near the 3 points and the government solution that everyone considered dead since the beginning is now stronger than ever and giving socialist and democratic solutions to the country, recovering the wounded public sector and giving jobs and fair incomes to workers and families. This week the Prime-Minister António Costa gave an interview to a national newspaper, and proposed a national consensus between parties from left and right (democratically elected and behaved) especially the biggest party from the centre right to join Costa’s Government in a National consensus project to decide the strategic plan for structural investments from 2021 to 2017. Although there is still an huge gap between the two parties this is an example of behaviour that will put S&D and European Democratic Parties in the front row of political decisions. Bring democratic players TOGETHER in order to avoid that structural investments, that will became the main pillars of the countries economic response, stay in the hand of changing powers or wills in each election or period of political challenge. TOGETHER proposing European funds being discussed and decided by large majorities make us more Socialists and assure that we separate public (national and European) interests from erratic political power, or passing by private sector interests.

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