We need EU referrendums!

If EU really wants to be a democracy, then I believe that EU should be able & willing to initiate referendums. 1. When the politicians of a member state do something that is contrary to the values of EU, I believe EU should be able to ask the people, not the so-called representatives of the people, whether they agree or not. We all know that any political party can come to power by promising heavy tax cuts and great raises of salaries and pensions, and after they win the election can go forth and do what they actually wanted to do, perhaps even do exactly the opposite of everything they promised. And in such case, the people are usually have absolutely no power to change them. 2. I believe that certain matters that are relevant to all EU member states should require the people to answer whether they like it or not, not the nation’s representatives. That’s because people will not take responsibility for the actions of others (i.e. of their so-called representatives) – and so, if the national representatives will not actually represent the will of the people, then the people will blame it all on EU: “The EU imposed on us! The EU forced it upon us! EU is anti-democratic!” And such referendums should have priority over the will of the national politicians.
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