Prepare for the future

1. Prepare for the future

Cohesion policy must be part of a coordinated, comprehensive stimulus programme to strengthen the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution in Europe. We need to make better use of a whole range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds. We must set ambitious targets for the digital and ecological transition, and boost research and innovation.
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Nowadays, the world is found in an endless loop of continuous technological advances. At this time and age, in order to be considered a real member of society, the citizens are bound to keep up with all these advances, something that many times seems like an impossible task. However, since the world tends to evolve so quick, we are responsible to do everything in our power to follow it’s rhythm of growth. Proper education and the person’s familiarization with technology from an early age will lead to the desired prosperity inside the EU.

4 days, 10 hours ago in EU Cohesion Policy

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