Put human capital first

2. Put human capital first

The future cohesion policy should be geared to more inclusive growth and give priority to qualitative and human capital investment. The focus must be on high-quality education, training and vocational training to address youth unemployment, promote gender balance as well as social inclusion, combat poverty, and make the work-force more resilient to globalisation.
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When talking about the effects and purposes of the Cohesion Policy, we are referring to the relationships between the people of the EU. Therefore, the factor that we should focus on, in order to successfully spend the EU money, is the people. Providing the European citizens with proper, extended education, not only we prepare them for the future and the technological advances that it includes, but also, they turn out more open minded and affable towards everything different. An educated mind is a mind free of prejudices and pride, a mind ready to survive and thrive within the brand new era Europe is walking towards.

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Thank you for your comment and valuable input Anna! Continue debating with us your ideas on the Future of Europe. You will be informed at the end of August if you have been chosen to fly to Valencia to present your idea during the Together event.

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