For a more Social Europe, look at the portuguese example

During 2011 – 2014 Portugal was victim of a so-called “bailout” supported by a conservative government. The austerity measures – cutting salaries and pensions in almost 30% – dictated the greatest unemployment and recession in 40 years of democracy. Also, 5% of the population, notably the most qualified generation of young professionals, emigrated to other european countries. Despite this, public debt and deficit reached record highs. Millions of families faced poverty even when both adults had jobs! (unheard of in developed countries), while the corrupt government used the cuts to increase the wealth of millionaires. The dramatic situation lasted a whole mandate, but elections in 2015 resulted in a social oriented government, who is basically doing the opposite: reverting cuts to salaries and pensions and investing in health and education. Today, Portugal is one of the most stable, progressive and democratic states in Europe. Moreover, deficit is record low, economy is growing and we are becoming a reference for Democratic Socialism. Please, take a look at what’s happening now in our country.
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