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To cope with demographic challenges and the impact of a growing digital economy, we must:
Develop new ways to guarantee workers’ rights and representation, decent working conditions, fair competition and social protection in the “fourth industrial revolution”.
Organise the portability of workers’ rights as they move around in the European digital labour market.
Extend collective agreements to individuals engaged in new digital forms of work.
Mitigate the risk of brain drain by investing in measures supporting circular migration, and ensuring mobility is not the result of inadequate employment opportunities or social protections.
Invest in active ageing and enable people reaching pensionable age to have the option to continue working while being able to draw partially on their pension if they work less than full-time.
All your comments and amendments will be taken into account and debated during our next TOGETHER event in Tallinn, Estonia.
1 year, 2 months ago in Social Europe
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