The Adopted Tallinn Statement on Social Europe

The Tallinn Statement on a Social Europe

To achieve high quality of life and ensure upward social convergence, we must:

• Assure decent working conditions in all forms of employment, guaranteeing every worker access to a core set of labour and social rights, which follow the principle of equal pay for equal work.

• Close the gender pay gap by 2% per year assuring equal treatment and non-discrimination throughout our Union. In addition, particular target measures are needed like quotas for women on company boards at European level. Companies to introduce multi-aged working teams.

• Establish a European Child Guarantee, which ensures that every child has access to free healthcare, free education, free childcare, decent housing and proper nutrition.

• Ensure the respect and the promotion of collective bargaining so that it reaches as many workers as possible across our Union.

• Assure the reconciliation of personal and work life.

• Fight income inequality, unemployment with a special focus on young people who are neither in employment nor education.

• Substantially scale up the funding of the EU Youth Guarantee to create better and better jobs.

• New key-factor like health must be better included in policy making, including occupational health.

• Prepare for a Social Progress Protocol to be incorporate in the Treaties, when possible, to change the overall balance between economic freedom and fundamentals social rights.

• Create a specific Social Fund for capacity building, in particular for Social Partners in Member States, where needed.

• Deliver a European Pillar of Social Rights to cope with the new trends in the labour market, guaranteeing decent working conditions and access to social protection.

To cope with demographic challenges and the impact of a growing digital economy, we must:

• Develop new ways to guarantee workers’ rights and representation, decent working conditions, fair competition and social protection in the “fourth industrial revolution”.

• Organise the portability of workers’ rights as they move around in the European digital labour market.

• Extend collective agreements to individuals engaged in new digital forms of work.

• Mitigate the risk of brain drain by investing in measures supporting circular migration, and ensuring mobility is not the result of inadequate employment opportunities or social protections.

• Invest in active ageing and enable people reaching pensionable age to have the option to continue working while being able to draw partially on their pension if they work less than full-time.

• Investing in equitable and quality education for all and everywhere in Europe must be an absolute top priority.

To ensure sustainable financing of social policies, we must:

• Provide public support for developing sectors with important employment potential.

• Combat tax evasion to ensure adequate level of public funds.

• Broaden the financial base of welfare systems by shifting towards new sources of tax revenue.

• Establish quality benchmarks for national unemployment insurance schemes.

• Enable the public employment service to have adequate capacity for direct contact with business.

• The EU must do more to unlock the potential of the Social Economy.

• Invest in green technology and in the environment.

• We need a sustainable EU Budget where all Member States should contribute a fair share.

• Link the financial economy to the real economy through the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax.

• Close tax loopholes in the 28 Member States and introduce a EU-wide Minimum Effective Corporate Tax Rate.

• To test the possibility to the introduction of a basic income scheme in the EU.

• Fight undeclared work!

Information, participation and civic dialogue about social rights is very important!

*** This is the statement approved and adopted at the TOGETHER event in Tallinn, Estonia on May 12, 2017. But the debate goes on! Share your ideas on how to build a Social Europe that benefits all.

8 months, 2 weeks ago in Social Europe
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New rights for new jobs, flexible rights for flexible jobs, European rights for European jobs. For a long time the word “flexibility” has meant insecurity and unfairness for too many workers, especially young people, all around the European Union. New cathegories of jobs have been created in the last decades, but new rights have not. People who started working in the last two decades have signifiacant less social rights, compaired with their predecessors. European workers need new forms of social rights and new forms of represention, and the Socialists and Democrats have to be in the frontline of this battle! The European and international nature of several new jobs means that new rights should be created at the European level: the national level, alone, is not able to provide anymore the protection needed. If the European centre-left will not be able to do so, we will see more and more angry people moving toward populist and Eurosceptic parties. Those people need to know that someone will help them, and I am shure that the Socialists and Democrats can do that.

8 months, 2 weeks ago in Social Europe

Hi there! I think that education is key to foster social rights. It is about knowledge and attitudes. But let’s face it. We have a problem to solve: social rights in Europe and European identity = lack of awerness After years of working in my field, I’ve learned that great ideas come with good research. So, if we don’t know our problems, then we can’t find the right solution. If imagination doesn’t work, then we can’t see something before actually happens. Let’s change this! It is never too late to making sure that we provide know-how opportunities for all young people. We should start cultivate the imagination through a know-how initiative. I think that a good idea is to make a creative European digital project (illustrate/ animation/ video/ articles) which clarify what social rights means – including rights and responsibilities of citizens. Imagine a website that contains a lot of digital content about our social rights, how we can enjoy being European citizens and what opportunities do we have. The readers will find out in a catchy way more details about it. This is important because it will help us grow, develop and better understand the future we want to experience. The Europeans are not always aware of the rights. Through this digital project we can empower young people to know more about their social rights and use them more easily. That’s how we can ensure that they are a reality for all. Together we are more!

8 months, 1 week ago in Social Europe

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