We want an EU leading a global regime on migration

We insist that the EU should lead and shape the negotiations for a global regime on migration and all its member states should contribute to this effort. Our Union must put all its weight behind the on-going UN negotiations to achieve global agreements on refugees and on safe, orderly and regular migration. Any agreement should be people-centred and should not only provide for long-term, sustainable and comprehensive solutions, for the benefit of all parties involved, but also build on the principle of partnership and strengthened cooperation among countries of origin, transit and destination. We deplore that the Trump administration has pulled the United States out of the United Nations’ ambitious plan to create a more humane and comprehensive global strategy on migration. The Trump strategy of simply building walls and walking away from constructive international efforts to deal with the real issues on migration does not provide solutions. Accurate and reliable data should be at the basis of all policy-making on migration. We should therefore not tolerate fake and/or speculative assertions that fuel false and harmful populist narratives. The picture is not black or white. Well regulated migration can contribute to the economic growth of receiving countries.
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Many insist that countries each need to take their own share of responsibility that Burden Sharing is a must. Even so, time and again we have seen countries fall short in this! Countires, which may be considered to have been vastly influential into the very cause of this migration crisis. A crisis which keeps on seeing lives being lost at sea and some in between borders. It is thus because of this that the Union, along with other partner countries need to come together now more than ever before; to meet and find a solution. A solution that goes away from a “money talks” mentality and into one that really seeks to be proactive in listening to the effected youth, the vulnerable people and those who unfortunately risk their lives to find a better future. We need to prove that as a Union we are better than the U.S and its current position. We must prove that the fundamental values upon which the Union was built still stand true today, values we still try to uphold at the best of our ability. The EU is the strongest advocate in this, we have partnerships and action plans ready to help sustain various Countries of Origin from which migrants come from and accordingly we must in good conscience keep on aiming to improve our strategies for a more cooperative Partnership Framework. We are seeing progress on part of the European Union, however more is yet to be desired. In the words of HRVP Mogherini “our common work under the Partnership Framework has brought tangible progress. We will keep on working to increase cooperation with our African partners, to ensure that lives are saved, migrants are treated in dignity and to eradicate together the business model of those who exploit human despair”. In working together we can have more progress and a tangible solution!

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