What’s a migrant if not a one-man corporation that wants to do business abroad?

Our politicians like to consider themselves leaders of “The Free World” and to praise the “free market”. But WHO is really “free”??? What is freedom if not the right to go where you want to be? And what is a migrant if not a one-man corporation that wants to do business abroad??? The “free market” exists only for the rich. They can do business wherever they want, whereas common people are tied to their nation states like medieval serfs to the land of their lords… We have a global market, but not everyone has access to it. In Europe we use resources from all over the world – from oil and coffee to brilliant minds and cheap labour. We actually want engineers from Bangladesh to come to Europe and help our high-tech industries maintain their leading position in the market. But textile workers from Bangladesh are supposed to stay in their country and produce cheap clothes for us. THAT is anyhting but fair. If we want free access to the markets of the world for ourselves, we should also grant free access to our market to the whole world – meaning, YES, also free access to the labour market for “one-man corporations” selling simply the work of the CEO’s own two hands!
4 months, 2 weeks ago in Migration
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