Europe is at a crossroads – which direction should we take?

In the wake of last summer’s Brexit vote, it is clear that the status quo is no longer an option. The European Union urgently needs a new vision for the remaining 27 member states to become more united and stronger than ever.

This unity is necessary for us to face the serious challenges that confront the European project, whether it is the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our borders or the resurrection of populist and nationalist forces across the continent and beyond.

As Socialists and Democrats, we must take this opportunity to renew our energy and shape a positive future for our Union. We want to see a united Europe that helps deliver peace, freedom, security and prosperity to its citizens. We now need to come together and look at new ways to tackle the many challenges that we face.

To do this, we need your help to make important decisions about the future of Europe.

This is why we launched ‘TOGETHER – A New Direction for Europe’ – a journey across Europe and an open dialogue with citizens and other members of the progressive family, to unite in shaping our common future.

We will make our way around Europe with a series of events in different European cities and by launching an online space – where you are now – to foster debate on a wide range of topics that affect our lives as European citizens. This website is your space to debate with other members of our progressive family and shape our policies on the future of Europe.

As with every journey, TOGETHER will give us time to reflect. A topical political declaration will be adopted following every event along the way. These documents, drafted with the TOGETHER partners, will be shaped by your contributions here and during the events. Check out our events and discover the next topic here.

Join in the discussion and help to shape our vision for Europe’s future, together.

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