Go Local Nyírbátor - Europe comes to Nyírbátor


11 April 2019


Nyírbátor, Szabadsag ter 8

The next destination in our Go Local tour is Nyírbátor, Hungary, where we will debate our social Europe.

What initiatives are in place in the EU to ensure that people living in Eastern countries, especially young people, can make a living in their region, receive a decent pay, social care and high quality services?

What can be expected after 2020, following the discussions on the EU budget, structural funds and conditions. How does the European left see the future of a Social Europe? What role does the countryside hold in the EU in the 21st century?

These are just some of the questions we will attempt to answer during our debate with:

Jaksity Kata
Antal Mate, mayor of Nyírbátor
Zita Gurmai
Tibor Szanyi
Interpretation will be provided in English and Hungarian

Go Local Nyírbátor - A Social Europe for All | 11 April


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