Defending Democracy and the Rule of Law


11 October 2018


Expedithalle Absberggasse 27 - 1100 Vienna

Our Europe TOGETHER journey takes us to Vienna on 11 October to debate with you how Europe can best defend the Rule of Law when it is under threat. Populist and right-wing movements all around Europe are challenging the core foundations of our democracies. For the first time in EU history, two member states have been singled out for breaching the fundamental laws that hold this Union together. Let’s defend #EuropeTogether!

The event will start at 18:00 (doors open at 17:30) and will be followed by a reception at 20:15.

We’ll have the pleasure to welcome among other guest speakers:

Udo Bullmann, President of the S&D Group, European Parliament

      Pamela Rendi-Wagner, Acting Party Leader of the Austrian Social Democrats SPÖ

      Andreas Schieder, Vice Chairman and Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs of the SPÖ 

      Josef Weidenholzer, Vice-President of the S&D Group, European Parliament

      Evelyn Regner, S&D MEP and Head of the SPÖ Delegation, European Parliament

Susanne Scholl, Austrian journalist and author, former foreign correspondent of ORF

Ágnes Heller, Philosopher, Hungary

Zita Gurmai, President PES Women

Our moderator for the night will be Susanne Pollinger.




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