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Go Local

Go Local

Originally designed as small-scale events, the Go Local events have increased both in frequency and attendance since their creation. With crowds ranging from 50 to 400 people, these events offer participants an easy and accessible way to get in touch with their local MEPs and with representatives of the Group. Attendants are able to discuss a variety of topics over a drink and listen to live music during our events.

How it works

Since the purpose of the Go Locals is to reach local constituencies as best as we can, we rely on the help of our Together Ambassadors. These are people are selcted based on comments they send us on our Europe Together platform – www.europe-together.eu. After being selected as Together Ambassadors, we take the Ambassadors to our Together events and eventually encourage them to join us in organising Go Local events all over Europe.

Who can join

Our Together Platform is open to all citizens. Therefore, anyone could become an ambassador.

Our journey across Europe

Follow every step of the TOGETHER journey as we make our way across Europe, speaking to citizens and discussing your ideas for the future of Europe.

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