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On a global scale, civil society organizations play an incredibly important role. just think of the organizations that after natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes that intervene to serve those affected and help them to return to normal. These groups of people who are part of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), provide assistance to people without asking for money in return. NGOs very often depend on the donations that they receive, so many times they are limited in their intervention. In order to have a strong social impact they need to be supported by the institutions, in economic terms but also for the creation of networks that can become an added value on the different territories, increasing the social impact. The creation of European networks is the fundamental pillar for improving the involvement of associations in civil society in Europe. Moreover, the creation of these networks strongly affects social inclusion, allowing children to share common values. An important actor that would have involved in this process are the schools. if this path is started in a school through the involvement of children on some issues and therefore the consequent sensitibilisation of children, this will certainly have a positive impact on both social inclusion and humanitarian field intended as help to people in need. To do this is necessary start training in a schools through the help of volunteers already active and with the help of the institutions in economic terms, financing the training activities. Education and training are therefore a further pillar on which to invest for improve civil society, contributing to create an European Identity.

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