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The Digital Agenda is one of the foremost issues facing the European Union. As more professions, sales, services, etc. go online, the associated policies must be updated and expanded accordingly. While the GDPR was a step in the right direction, serious issues of privacy, copyright, and the digital single market remain. Foremost, the issue of privacy must be further tackled, such as the rampant data breaches as well as lackadaisical treatment by companies of the GDPR regulation. Penalties must be increased for those companies that claim to abide by the law but in reality sell their users’ data and activities to the highest bidder.

Regarding Copyright, Article 13 is a step in the wrong direction. While authors, artists, and other copyright holders should enjoy further protections, on the other hand a “one size fits all” policy in this area is not sufficient and does not truly represent the dynamism of the law and the sector. As such, copyright laws and intellectual property rights should be reconsidered and adjusted in line with the new digital situation we are confronted with. Lastly, as more and more professions turn to and rely on the internet, the laws regarding telework and internet-based professions should be further updated in line with the present reality. Barriers between the markets of the different member states should be further reduced as well as a strengthening of the digital single market itself. As such, with the rise of an ever more upwardly mobile and digitally based population, the possibility for European professionals to be able to do business across the EU would be greatly increased, as well as the ability for these same professionals to be able to live and work where ever they so choose in the EU as their work would be primarily online, leading to greater cohesion and cooperation.

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