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Coming from Poland, a country that for the last couple of years has been exposed to many threats to democracy, there are some issues worrying me the most. However, now I’d like to focus on the case of free media. Currently our main, nationwide media outlets either openly support the Law and Justice party (including public media) or the Civic Coalition (centre-right coalition of Civic Platform and “Nowoczesna” parties), which is the biggest oppositional movement at the moment. People are therefore exposed to the propaganda from one of two “possible” options, both right-leaning, not representing what we call European values. There is literally no place for the left in the Polish nationwide media. The issue becomes even more serious when it comes to the elections – the media which support Civic Coalition convince the citizens that voting for the left can only boost Law and Justice’s chances for a success. Hence, they openly call voting for the left “a waste of a vote” or “a hidden vote for the Law and Justice”. As media outlets are still perceived as a trustworthy source, citizens resign from supporting the left in the elections. Two weeks ago during local-government elections, many of my friends decided to vote for the Civic Coalitions instead because of the impact media had on them. Currently, the leftists are discussing if it is even possible for the progressive Robert Biedroń, who is supported by many Polish citizens, to succeed in the upcoming Parliamentary elections without the support from nationwide media. If the left is really considering something like this, it can only mean that the world has gone too far. We need free media, not friendly-to-one-party-only-media! In this scenario, where you cannot become the real power on the political scene without the media support, there will be no place for new political movements and what’s even worse – we’ll be drowning in an even deeper crisis.

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