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TOGETHER Draft Declaration on the Future of Europe


The European Union and Africa have an important and unique partnership, which is at a crossroads. The EU remains the main partner of Africa, but it is no longer the only one. So does Africa still need Europe? We continue to believe the deep, comprehensive and holistic relationship is a vital long-term foundation for political dialogue and progress in both continents.
Investing in young people. The demographic boom in Africa will be an opportunity for the continent rather than a challenge, if we support investment in education. The challenges of the future will only be met if we equip the next generations with the necessary tools, on which an “EU-Africa Erasmus program” can be of great impact, encouraging exchanges between European and African young students, researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs.
Sustainable investments. The S&D Group strongly supports the EU External Investment Plan for Africa (and European neighbourhood) with the aim of improving economic and social development and achieving the SDGs on the African continent. But rather than underpin multinationals which are already champions of tax evasion, or the ones which prey on mineral and natural resources, the EIP must provide support to SMEs, microfinance and job creation programs, especially for young people and women.
Coherent Partnerships for development to address the root causes of irregular migration. Irregular migration is a global phenomenon requiring a coordinated international response and the EU must take a human-rights-based lead in shaping it. We support a strong partnership between Europe and Africa and the efforts in the United Nations to tackle the root causes of migration in terms of improving the economic and social situation, strengthening democracy and the rule of law, and providing education and employment opportunities in countries of transit and origin. We remain strongly committed to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, also by improving development cooperation, conflict resolution, and stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth to ensure that people have a real chance of a better life in their homeland. But we also need to ensure we implement Policy Coherence for Development across our agricultural, trade and investment policies, from the Common Agricultural Policy to binding due diligence requirements for EU companies. The security-development nexus remains important for addressing conflict, but poverty-alleviation must remain the primary goal of development assistance. We will never accept aid conditionality linked to migration policy.
Strengthen democracy and human rights. Human rights remain central to our partnership with Africa. We urge the EEAS and Commission to use all available tools to maintain serious human rights dialogues. We will seek innovative mechanisms to give support and visibility to those risking their lives in Africa for the defence of human rights, democracy, social justice, equality and non-discrimination. We reiterate our belief that independent NGOs, media and cultural space are a pre-requisite of a functioning democracy and rule of law.
Gender equality. Without the emancipation of women there is no viability for sustainable development, nor full democracy, nor good governance. Gender equality must be mainstreamed in all EU policies, initiatives and investments towards Africa.
“Does Africa need Europe?” is one of the priorities part of the “Building the Progressive Future Together” statement, debated during our event in Brussels on October 18-19. But the debate goes on. We’re counting on your input, so each of you can play a part in shaping our common future. It’s easy – just sign in add your thoughts to this topic.


Naturally, human beings embark and accept the idea of “social contract”, whereby citizens would seek and try the common good within a given society. Thereby, the people itself are the nation’s voice which is evidenced through the “general will” and national sovereignty, with this being said, people within a nation must be willing to jeopardize their own personal interests for the common good or “general will”. Logically, the people who possess the national sovereignty are the ones who will elect their representatives that will eventually establish written laws in order to allow a nation to fully function. Bearing this in mind, is paramount to fully grasp that the representatives should be considered as a “collective person”, in other words, the representatives are a metaphysical person and in theory will not jeopardize in anyway, shape or form since any “bad” or “immoral” actions will also affect him as member of that nation and society as a whole, which made the Democracy concept flourished. However, in today’s society, even though there are a lot Democracies within Europe, oftentimes there are lack of democratic values. More concretely, fortunately people have the right to vote, as well as many parties to choose, but that is not enough by itself. People have been losing faith in their governments and in Democracy, since they belief politicians and lawmakers do not care about the people and the nation itself but about their personal and special interests which violate completely many Democratic values and the “agreement” made by the people in the “Social Contract”. Oftentimes, politicians have been promising unreachable ideas in order to gain votes, but when they are elected they usually do not fulfill their promises, which I would argue is mainly because their campaign financiers do not allow them and eventually some laws are proposed due to the influence of those financiers and/or multinational corporations. More deeply, I would argue the financial and economic world, like Wall Street and Banks are the main responsible, since they only care about their financial profit and they do not care about the people neither society itself. Unfortunately, there is an increase in Oligarchs power and thereby some might say that politicians are merely puppets from the “power behind the scenes”, which disrespect the people’s power, since they had alienated their power of self-government to a abstract entity that we call: Government and State, besides the fact, many may argue that our politicians and representatives are not elected but either selected, thereby we as a people do not have a real choice to vote and represent the national and people’s interest. I would go further by stating that we somehow have become gradually slaves of this tyrannic system and we do not even notice it, as Johann von Goethe once said: “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.” This might be the foremost problem in today’s World which had allowed some radical parties and parties who do not support today’s European Union since is their belief there is too much bureaucracy, subversion and so forth. As a result, countries like Poland, Italy, France, Hungary and some more have seen in their political atmosphere an increase in those parties, in fact, I would distinguish Hungary’s Prime Minister: Viktor Orbán since he has repeatedly defended that Hungarian’s billionaire George Soros is a threat to Democracy and European Union, as well as Nigel Farage and some others. Anyway, Democracy has become a odd reality since we have allowed our governments to be corrupted and today’s policies are not helping people and society in general terms. In my opinion, there should be a more transparent political system and the Media should help in this process, as well, the Educational System and Universities, otherwise we can be jeopardizing all the effort that has been made across decades and even centuries to establish a fairer society, where values as: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are a must and every human being has intrinsic rights as John Locke had written. With this being said, I think European young generation should make the difference and are the change for our future as national citizens, but more importantly as European and World Citizens, and thereby we should unite all together and discuss ideas and help one another.

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