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Peace is one of the desires to be considered by the European Community and the world. Where there is no peace, there is no order, stability and security. I think that at present, more than in recent years, the “talks” that take place politically throughout the world lend to threaten peace and security even in Europe. We must take this into account and be prepared to “respond” to challenges of any kind in such a way that we do not harm the order and security that should guide the whole world. We are helpless in all short of conflicts that destabilize the normal courses of the present world. Conflicts that could be solved otherwise than by resorting to ” unleashing” the fire, or worse… All these degringdas tend to bring about poverty (poverty with all that this sinister phenomenon implies), shortcomings, instability, and last but not least, hatred. these should be past, while they are still “haunting” us. There is nothing perfect in the world, but we can achieve perfection by resorting to cooperation and good invoicing. the European Union must encourage such steps, precisely in order not to threaten the peace and security of the territory and its citizens. Be peace in the world!
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