Africa can be threat or an oportunity for Europe

Europe must help strenghten the north-african nations along the Mediteranean shoreline in order to provide a buffer zone in case Nigeria implodes (a country of 187m people) . In case this happens the millions of migrants seeking shelter in Europe will be staggering. Europe must involve itself militarily or by providing intelligence in order to help Nigeria defeat Boko haram, and also to end tge religious conflicts within this country. The ticking time bomb which is Africa and especially Nigeria is of existential threat to Europe.
3 years, 10 months ago in Africa
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The arab spring made north-african nations unstable, plagued by corruption and poverty . Nigeria is on the brink of implosion due to religious intolerance and extremism and also due to terrorist organizations as boko haram . Other countries like Sudan have long internal civil wars plaguing and ravaging them from inside.

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I agree with you, Europe should spread wings of values on these countries somehow quicklier than it is happening naturally!

2 years, 1 month ago in Africa

Europe should care for european more than foreings we had de-colonized for a reason. They are free. All of this neo colonialism with a humanitarian face is revolting. They have their own countries who are we to tell them how to run them. Stop neo colonialism.

4 months, 3 weeks ago in Africa

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Saying yes to the youngest continent on earth and making it our ally is not charity; the truth is, we might need it more than they do. In this changing world we need an inclusive partnership with high ambitions for the next generations. A partnership made of concrete cooperation based on common values away from the “post colonial business as usual type of partnership”. As socialists and progressives, I believe that we shall not let what the European Union inspires around the world to be tarnished by policies made of walls, fear and bigotry; we should insist on a partnership that looks with hope into the future and invest in it. If we want to be taken seriously, our ambition for this partnership should be visible in the next MFF, Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027). Currently under discussion, I believe it is our responsibility as progressives to carry a very clear objective: as a symbol it is unacceptable that we spend more on EU border management than on development aid in this next budget. At the same time, we should insist on a partnership of equals; the funding of international development aid should be a question segregated from the policies where we can find collaboration with African countries. We also need to reinforce the framework of our cooperation: it means a shared budget where both the European Union and the African Union contribute to develop specific policies in fields such as education, science, but also less traditional areas humain rights, space or tax cooperation and others. More important finally in my view is the substance of what should be our cooperation; we need to implement programs close to people, fostering grassroots cooperation of africains and europeans in lines with commons objectives; for example with young people in a joint volunteering program, with professionals in a designated field, with civil servants from relevant administrations, … .

2 years, 5 months ago in Africa
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