Brexit could have been avoided.

Britain was as some would say was only ever “60% in the EU” – but France came worryingly close to electing a similarly anti-European leader. But the real enemy isn’t populism, it’s confusion and misinformation. What I want to ask is what we can do to fight the perception that Europe is undemocratic. I want to know what happened in Britain that caused them to have a mere 27% turnout to their last European election and what we can do to prevent it in other member states. I think the EU should start some initiatives on European openness and media attention. For a start, do you know who your commissioner is and their role in the commission? Which party they belong to? I had to go and google the one for Ireland. I can’t think of any citizen of any country in the EU who doesn’t know the name of their president or prime minister, even most cabinet ministers. Yet the commissioners seem to work in almost absolute silence, allowing the media to concoct any lurid story it wants. The job of a commissioner is nearly as important as prime minister or foreign secretary, so we should all know who we’re dealing with. What I think we should do is have each country’s commissioner regularly speak with the media in their own country. We should see them being talked about and debated every day and everyone should know the name of their commissioner.
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How do we prevent further disenchantment with the EU?

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Brexit is a terrifying thing not only for Brits but the whole european community. I believe that now everything is in hands of the citizens of UK. On the other hand brexit is the sour lesson. It teaches us that the leaders of the EU, that we need to fianally wake up and make some sirious steps to develop the union and enter a new level. There’s so much to do but I think that in this point we need to make a decision. Shall the EU become a European Federation or maybe just another trade union. For me the answer is obvious. The history showed us many times where the isolation policy leads. We need to ensure the safety future by creating the strong european structures – the true goverment with real power, the common army, single market, same currency, harmonised tax system, healthcare, education, solcial policy. Why? Because the local goverments will never do so. The local politicians will never renounce their power for the good of the whole european community. In politics we have a deficit of true social- people who actually care about their citizens, who know what they want, who know their problems and find a sollution to them. Is it actually so hard to make things better? It depends for whom. If somebody is just another bureaucrat who only thinks about how to stay longer in charge of the nation then the answer is yes. But I will never stop believing that there are good people in this world. Those who want to change it for better. Those who I can finally call my representatives.

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