Building a bridge between the European Union and the (Dutch) citizens

As we all know during the European Parliament elections, we witnessed a low turnout, only 37 percent of the Dutch voter went to the ballot-box. Whilst the average in EU is around 42%. This is a very poor outcome and that was a wake up call for me to make a change. I have read into multiple studies and I concluded that the European citizens think that the EU is grabbing a hold of their national sovereignty, even though they don’t have a clue on the democratic balance in the EU. People are usually misinformed or not informed at all, which leads to anger and hate towards the EU, hence I am working on a project called the “Blue Pigeon”. For more information click on the link below!
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Thank you for your message, Hanine! Indeed, your idea sounds very interesting and we would have loved to hear more about it, but, unfortunately, the YouTube link you’ve posted doesn’t work. Do you think you can edit your comment with the good link? Or add another comment explaining your initiative? Thank you! 🙂

Hi! Thank you for your interest. I think the link will work now!

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