Citizen Participation

I believe the European Union is one of the greatest political and social achievement in the recent history of Europe. It ensures democracy, the respect of freedom and human rights and also increases equality. However, it has some structural issues that have to be fix in order to strength European integration, such as the lack of transparency and citizens participation. It is necessary that the EU needs to be more accessible to citizens, and that citizens need to be better educated on the functionality of the EU. In order to do so, the EU needs to things: 1- “The Citizen House” an EU institution where citizens can directly participate in the decision-making. Communities’ leaders from different countries/regions/cities debate on issues that concern them. They would make a report and send it to the EU parliament to be discussed. 2- EU members should inform their citizens about how the EU works. Children should learn in schools about their local/regional/national/European political systems. During European elections, TV channels should host debates (with experts about the EU and debates between candidates). Also, it should be explained to European how the EU affects their lives, and how their countries implement (or not) EU policies. 3- Work on mechanisms that facilitates the debate between national and EU parliaments, and that allow them to work directly together (especially on economic and social issues).
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Citizens need to have more access to the EU in order to give the EU more legitimacy.

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