Climate Change and Global Security

The climate change, indisputably, consist one of the greatest challenges for the humanity for the years onward. However, besides the undesirable effects of the climate change, firstly to the environment and after to the well-being of the people, it is important to mention also the societal effects of this phenomenon. Nowadays, the near-term effects of climate change could have severe consequences on poor countries and already fragile regions around the world with weak governance structures and thereby to worsen the regional and local tensions in ‘hot-zones’. Specifically, the climate change could lead to multiple problems of instability like water scarcity, food shortages, conflict over resources and migration. Therefore, the ”weak” states that gonna experience these problems, could risk to transfer the increased regional tensions to Europe, that might be seem as a ”safe heaven” for these affected people. So, the EU should respond quickly to this security problem given its leading role in development and protection of the environment with the wide range of tools that has in its disposal. First, the EU should have prepare its necessary functions for the preparedness and prevention of disasters or conflict that may arise worldwide and that could affect its member states. Second, the active role of EU as a negotiator for a better and prosperous future is vital and must be continue. Therefore, the EU must promote its multilateral leadership for the enhance of the international cooperation around this serious issue through all the important forums (UN, G7 etc). The EU, as an international regulator by framing and providing the necessary support, could create the right conditions in order to solve the problems. Third, through its instruments the EU should strengthen its dialogue with third countries that belong to the most affected by the climate change and seek for solutions in order to the pretend the tensions and lead to directly answers to their problems. The EU must, indeed, put the people at the center of its policy and increase the resources that can change their quality of life and economy in general. To conclude, the EU aware for the future and driven by its interest for better conditions of human rights and development should take the lead for the protection of environment that could stop these global security issues.
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