Cooperate and take action

How could be possible those? There are necessary to change our behaviour, mentality and reinforce many things weach believe them (common values, ideas, good laws- even make something in this directions). We want a bright future for Europe, not come back in the past, not to repeat mistakes there are made in the past, we do not want this, on the contrary!
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In the present, the cooperate and the dialog are extremely important for all ouvas for at least three reasons: One of them, consist of fact to help us to understand where is rong direction, where must be more done than other, weach are the politics what must be fallow in order to achieve prosperity, security and even peace. Secondly, the reason weach were be at a consolidation of Union European was, from a began, the rise of powerful, cooperate and help every country from hole structure, grow market and last, but not list, circulation free of goods, place works and people. Those of this must be reconsideration and reevaluate. I believe that, the citizenship, our Union deserve this, deserve more carefully from autorithis power. The third reason is more stronger than anything else... We see, today's period, Europa is treathing from factors such army conflict, economy decrease, some of us desire's to broken politics relationship, more and more inconvenience. Those are not good for our future in European Union, in contrary, we should make an Unit Europe stronger than any time, more stronger than were be ever...

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