A crucial test for us all

The next European election may possibly be the most important and crucial one in the history of our common European project. It’s going to be a defining moment, a real test for us all, and our best opportunity -one that we can’t miss- if we want to stem the tide of rising populism, extremism, nationalism and euroscepticism; if we want to be sure that we Europeans do not repeat the worst chapters of our history. In that challenge, we need all hands aboard. As socialists and social democrats, we are always committed to open more and better channels of communication and to foster a frank and open discussion with citizens. We want to listen from you! Don’t hesitate to tell us your concerns, your proposals, your criticisms! One of the core issues in the upcoming election is going to be migration and asylum policies, a matter that is very close to my heart and my activity in the European Parliament. I firmly believe that, far from being a problem or a crisis, migration is a human phenomenon from which all -both countries of origin and destination- can benefit if properly managed. Enough of scapegoating migrants! We need to break the current narrative dominated by a right-wing -if not a far-right- approach, and stand firm against those who build their political project upon fear, division and prejudice. Let us know your views on this or any other matter of your interest!
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