We know very well the complexity of political representation in Democracy but the actual systems don´t answer to the political values of Persons: Liberty and her dear friend Responsibility! We must change the system of representation, more or less easily manipulated by the power of few (oligarchies) with a deeply division of powers. So we must create a strong base of participation of Persons before, during and after elections for anarchists don´t have reason: «the vote it´s the arm of People. Don´t vote for You don´t lost your arm» Before elections and during elections many democracies in the World don´t have primaries (freedom of choice candidates to representatives and programs), open lists (freedom of choice representatives), clear duties by clear programs voted by themes, one vote equal to all votes (national electoral circles) et cetera After elections representatives have to much power without control, without a strong responsibility, situation that we must change (intercalary evaluation of duties by Persons that implicate potential lost of representation if not respect promises, referendum for important changes ex post et cetera) We have more and more strong Persons with strong personalities that can participate in a Deeply Democracy and innovated means for participation, but oligarchies don´t like changes because implicate more complexity in it hard work of manipulation (with the control of media, education et cetera). So we must create a more and more complex system of representation to turn more and more complex oligarchies take the control of the power of Persons to a better World included to oligarchies :-). Trump and Brexit are good examples: the simplification of the systems create a strong and intolerable ambiguity; Trump was elected by a minority, and many Persons that voted in him, probably don´t agree with many decisions of him horrible Administration of USA; what was the real support of Brexit? A complex theme don´t have a complex referendum… Populism is a manifestation of a not Deeply Democracy… We Socialists and Democrats must contribute to great chances that turn Democracy more strong and protected of the strong threats that appear all days in all World, with tyranies and oligarchies installed in democracies! As the great Portuguese poete Luís Vaz de Camões said in XVI Century after Jesus Christ: «Mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se as vontades, Muda-se o ser, muda-se a confiança: Todo o mundo é composto de mudança, Tomando sempre novas qualidades.» And International Hymn said: «(…) No more rights without their duties, no more duties without their rights (…)» Love and Liberty will prevail over tyranny!
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Democracy is the power of all for all by concept. But in fact, historically, by representation, we have the power of few (oligarchy) for few. So we must create a system of representation much more complex: with a deep relationship between representatives and represented...

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If we look back at the time,we will find that the foundations of democracy were built in the state of Athens.However,democracy, liberty and the freedom of speech were a privilege only men had,and particulary the Athenians.Women,children and slaves didnt have the right to express their opinion,the oportunity to vote or be voted.We realise that it wasnt a real democracy,but a gift only few people had.The same situation probably happens in EU.Although our political system is considered as a democratic and fair one,many people dont have the chance to choose their fate,either if it has to do with elections,or an economical decision.Somehow ,politicaly and economicaly stronger countries often threat without noticing,weaker countries with the threat of terminating their funding assist,or even publishing inaccurate predictions for their future.We even seperated in our minds the EU countries ,depend on their economical power,and now it is divided to ”North Europe” and ”South Europe”.So we still do the same mistake.Most of the protests that they take place in the EU are ending with a violent way.Now we give more attention to who is going to be in charge,rather than who is going to make the big change.This is not democracy.It is the same thing with the state of Athens.If it really was,all of them should have equal rights and the chance to speak freely.So we need to adapt a democratic system that will elevate the spirit of the whole Europe,with equal rights for everyone,the right to speak and protest peacefully,no matter their economical status,their sex,origin,political beliefs.

2 years, 7 months ago in Democracy
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