Democracy at risk.

Democracy to our peril is at risk. Like the criterion, “ justice must not only be done, justice must be seen to be done” where we very often just witness justice in the courts in action, the cart is before the horse, and very often, justice fails to be done. What we should have is “Not only must Justice be seen to be done, justice must in actual fact be done” Likewise with Democracy: We claimed to be democratic, yet in actual fact, we are anything but. Democracy in name only while an aristocratic tyranny is the reality is in dire straits, and needs to be resolved so that true democracy can developers along the rule of the people by the people for the people. Corporations aren’t people; and should not be capable of holding countries within Europe to ransome. And government figures should be accountable to the justice we claim to propound in full transparency. We need a fully inclusive democratic system where all the people are equal not just at birth, but throughout their whole life, to the dignity and comfort that life has to offer: and trickle down economics, as we have seen is anything but equal. We are caretakers of a beautiful planet. Europe without a doubt is the most beautifully established: but it isn’t for us that we should be thinking about in relation to how we use and abuse it: the only footprints we should leave here is the footprints of our children. Yet we have horrendous homelessness; really! Capitalism we need, but a capitalism that caters for all in a fair and just manner. One child homeless is one child too many. And there is much hungry homelessness hopeless asjlsa and children upon our streets. So can we claim to care about our fellow human beings if even one is suffering? We need to be inclusive of young people on our plans for a better brighter more benevolent Europe. A Europe that does what it says on the box, a Europe for all. The Petty posturing of politicians pontificating like peacocks is anathema to transparency and accountability when it’s just politics being seen to be done, and poltroonary at best. So let’s havw a major change! Make ethics the growth industry of the political spectrum. No more college debating scenarios where winning the argument is all that matter as politicians guffaw and browbeat opposition just for the sake of point scoring. Let’s not just see democracy being done, let Democracy “be” done.
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Pentru mine, dar nu numai, democratia inseamna, printre altele: o justitie dreapta, corecta si necompromisa, o industrializare puternica si un sistem de educatie axat pe nevoile copilului si ale societatii in care traim. Pornind de la aceste aspecte, observam, ca in ceea ce priveste aceste capitole, exista puternice carente, ceea ce determina cresterea saraciei in tarile in care acestea se confrunta cu astfel de probleme. Legat de Justitie, daca nu exista un sistem coerent prin care sa fie redus nivelul de coruptie, nivelul marii criminalitati, aceste sincope determina cresterea nivelului de saracie direct proportional cu nivelul cresterii coruptiei dintr-o tara sau alta. Lipsa locurilor de munca, contribuie, intr-o foarte mare masura la accelerarea gradului de saracie, a lipsurilor, ceea ce nu face decat sa adanceasca inechitatea, somajul, lipsa mobilitatii, lipsa puterii de cumparare si, deci, cresterea fenomenului inflatiei, care afecteaza economia unui stat. Pe langa acestea, factorii demografici sunt amenintati, scaderea natalitatii, amenintandu-ne pe zi ce trece. Educatia, constiutuie un pilon foarte important, intrucat, imbunatatirea sistemului aduce multiple beneficii in plan economic, social, cultural si nu numai… In optica mea, democratia implica strategii privind consolidarea educatiei, a justitiei si nu in ultimul rand a industrializarii. Cand acesti trei factori functioneaza intr-un stat, atunci, pe baza acestora pot fi derulate si implementate imbunatatiri si in alte sectoare precum: sanatate, infrastructura, crestere economica, s.a.m.d. Fara o astfel de abordare, nu exista democratie, intrucat exercitarea celorlalte drepturi si libertati economice, sociale, cetatenesti si culturale ar fi lipsita de obiect, golita de continut. Astfel ar arata statul din Uniunea Europeana si Uniunea Europeana insesi, im viziunea mea. Acestea ar fi dezideratele si principiile pe care ar trebui, in optica mea, sa se cladeasca o democratie reala si efectiva!

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