educating Europe’s citizens based on facts, not opinions, and reducing ignorance

Building the progressive future together requires working together, and reducing polarisation and ‘alternative’ facts. At the moment, ignorance abounds in Europe concerning the actual impact of migration, the progression of climate change and the phenomenon of violence against women, to name just three. The lack of unbiased knowledge available on these topics for citizens to examine and interpret means that populists peddling misinformation can conceivably be seen as ‘experts’ and speaking the truth, as it’s difficult to fact-check. With a website and app run by the EU and governments, people could fact-check their governments and learn the truth about the positive links between migration and economic growth, the terrivle underlying problem of violence against women, and the fast and terrifying progression of climate change (as well as many other pressing problems) . Armed with the facts, a more informed populace can press the governments and EU to act on problems and support solutions, reducing ignorance and ensuring that democracies are actually tackling the issues that matter.
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