Equal Access to Quality Education or Hopeless Optimism?

New social and economic changes of the first and second decades of this century should encourage people to look for solution, which would allow mitigating the results of the crisis in case of human rights to education. There is no question that improvement of the human rights in the field of education will develop good education system itself, but it is critical that the government of every country must ensure that the access to education will be exercised without discrimination of social status. For sure, European Union has a big need and potential for general development, but equal access to education will open other doors to progress, which can help to make the whole world a better place to live! For instance, educational mobility of youth and intercultural learning. Nowadays, due to some political reasons, researchers cannot work easily in some countries, they face with struggles and bans from governmental organizations just because of passport origin. I believe, that the more people are educated; the more need they have to open the borders for some new knowledge, which is definitely a springboard to traveling and intercultural learning. I see this as a preventing from hate speech, which is some wide spread in our world. Will it make our world better? I am sure it will! We just need to make it happen and start with improving the situation with human rights on education, because if ones do not have free access to education, the awareness about other human rights violations will be lower as well.
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The basic source of inequality of educational opportunity lies in the inequality of condition – the inequality in resources of various kinds – that exists among families from different class backgrounds. And it is this inequality of condition that will have to be addressed. To develop the access to education in this way is possible only provided that stimulating private investment will be accompanied by rapid economic growth that creates purchasing power.

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